Ultrasound & Non Stress Test (NST)

At Alpha OBGYN we have a commitment to continuously develop innovative ways which are focused on quality healthcare access and improving quality of patient care, we have acquired a suite of automation technologies that will validate and ensure improved clinical efficiency and effectiveness through automation.

We strive to bring the latest technologies to our patients and provide all the Healthcare facilities in-house to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. In the pursuit, we have acquired the latest 3D/4D Ultrasound technology along with the latest Fetal Monitoring device that is currently available in the market.

Ultrasound and NST are essential diagnostic tools used to track the progress of patients, and having these tools in-house has given Dr. Reddy and the patients the ease of tracking their progress in-house in a comfortable environment as compared to going to the Hospital or monitoring locations to get these procedures fulfilled.

We have received several accolades from our patients for providing these facilities in-house as it has saved them the effort of going to several location, and our friendly staff have been trained to help our patients schedule their office visits the most efficient way so as to accomplish all that is medically necessary procedures during their visit to our office.

Fetal Monitoring System

Our new Fetal Monitor system (Also know as Non stress test NST) has the ability to monitor and combines the latest in single and twins fetal heart rate monitoring technology with seamless electronic medical records integration. We have the ability to transfer the recorded traces into to a PC.